Moonlocket Book Trailer

The first release in our fall season is almost here! While you wait, check out this delightful trailer for Moonlocket, the second book in The Cogheart Adventures. Preorder Now About Moonlocket When infamous escapologist Jack Door breaks out from prison, he sets out for the town of Brackenbridge, determined to find his missing treasure—the Moonlocket. …

Now on NetGalley – Nocturnal Symphony

Nocturnal Symphony by J. A. Watson Release date: September 1, 2019 Middle Grade, Outdoors & Nature Twelve-year-old Brubeck Farrell has two problems. First, she needs to help the Science Squad of Central Wisconsin raise enough money for quality ultrasound equipment to record bat sounds. Second, she needs to convince her mom to marry her longtime …

Now on NetGalley – Sandwich Shenanigans!

Sandwich Shenanigans by Verity Weaver Release date: September 1, 2019 Jolly Fish Press – Humor, Middle Grade Sam Witt’s sandwich was a marvel on a plate. The sandwich to end all sandwiches. If life were a movie, there’d have been trumpets and drums playing as Sam paraded his delicious STEAM fair project into class. But …

Now on Netgalley – Most Valuable Puppy!

Most Valuable Puppy by Carol Kim Release date: September 1, 2019 Children’s Fiction, Parenting & Families Doggie Daycare is open for business. Join siblings Shawn (9) and Kat (7) Choi as they start their own pet-sitting service out of their San Francisco home. Bouncer, the Jack Russell terrier, is full of energy. But when Shawn …

Now on NetGalley – If the Fire Comes

If the Fire Comes by Tracy Daley Release date: September 1, 2019 Historical Fiction, Middle Grade It’s 1935, and the Great Depression and California drought has left eleven-year-old Joseph McCoy shining shoes to help his family survive. He has figured out how to get by as one of the few black people in a mostly …

Now on NetGalley – Curse of the Dead-Eyed Doll

  Curse of the Dead-Eyed Doll by Thomas Kingsley Troupe Release date: September 1, 2019 Horror, Middle Grade Alejandro Padilla isn’t superstitious. He doesn’t believe the stories that an old sailor doll in a Key West, Florida, museum is haunted. Robert the Doll might look creepy, but that doesn’t mean the doll is cursed. So …

What Happened? (Set of 4)

Crack open a What Happened? book to investigate a preposterous mystery from four different perspectives. See what the witnesses get right . . . and what they get hilariously wrong. Bet you’ll never guess what really happened!

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A Viking Adventure

When the Histronauts travel back in time to the Viking era they’ll need your help to uncover the secrets of the past. Join them on their journey as they forage for food, decipher runes, build beautiful burial boats, and hear all about a Viking raid.

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United to Strike

Budding reporter, Tala Mendoza, thinks life in 1965 Delano, California, is boring. But that’s before Filipino grape workers vote to strike. While the strike brings Filipino and Mexican farmworkers together, it tears apart Tala and her best friend, Jasmine. Can Tala and Jasmine’s relationship withstand the Delano Grape Strike?

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Swamp of Lost Souls

Manchac Swamp in New Orleans, Louisiana, is rumored to be haunted, but Josh doesn’t believe it. When his coworker crashes their airboat, leaving them stranded, they find the souls of a long-ago town. Will the boys find their way out, or will they join the lost souls of Manchac Swamp?