shadows collide


Science Fiction

Available: September 15, 2015 | ISBN 9781631630262 | paperback | 328 pages | 6 in. x 9 in. | World (translation, audiobook) | $16.99 US (trade paperback), $9.99 US (e-book)
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Shadows Collide

Psionic Earth, Book 2 of 3

by Dan Levinson

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With the great nations Calchis and Orion still locked in a battle for global supremacy, their psionic super-soldiers are getting closer to the front lines of an all-out world war. Still reeling from the events of the first book, Sonja and Aaron are now caught up in the middle of an ancient prophecy.

Now, just weeks after the attack, Sonja stumbles upon the most unlikely ally, and together they set out to show the world the truth. But even as the two cadets begin putting their plan into action, Orion Psi Forces are already launching retaliatory raids into Calchan territory, and Calchis begins sewing unrest and instability in the heart of Orion, moving the entire world closer to bloody confrontation.

Meanwhile, Aaron Waverly, Calchis’s prodigious young psion hand-picked by the nefarious Agent, has been spirited away by a mysterious old man claiming to be a two-thousand-year-old prophet. Hidden away in a cave far from civilization, El reveals that Aaron is the next prophet, who will remake the world, cleansing it of evil. But remaking the world means thousands, even millions of deaths—a horrifying thought for Aaron, who has always been a peace-loving young man. But with the world hurtling toward global war, Aaron might not have that much work to do after all.


“What occurs within is a book that has some top notch high octane action which when blended with some cracking prose alongside pace really demonstrates that Dan knows how to craft a good book." —Falcata Times, on Fires of Man

“. . . rich with descriptive writing, drawing the reader into the world that Levinson has built for this psionic war." —Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile, on Fires of Man

“This stunning piece of military science fiction avoids the pitfalls of ‘take that hill’ military-speak hoo-rah and delivers solid characters and intricate plotting.” —Abyss & Apex, on Fires of Man

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