Runway ZomBee

Juvenile Fiction


Available: January 1, 2018 | ISBN 978-1-63163-165-8 | paperback | 192 pages | ISBN 978-1-63163-164-1 | hardcover | 5 in. x 7.5 in. | Worldwide | $7.99 US (trade paperback), $27.13 US (hardcover), $7.99 US (e-book)

Runway ZomBee: A Zombie Bee Hunter's Journal

Science Squad series

by J. A. Watson; illustrated by Arpad Olbey

It’s summer vacation, but twelve-year-old Raksha isn’t doing much relaxing. There is one project left before her Science Squad team earns their last badge (and a trip to Hawai‘i on the line!), when she gets an opportunity to attend a highly competitive fashion camp that is too good to pass up. It isn’t long before her Science Squad work hunting for zombie bees is taking over her life. She hardly has time to prepare for her fashion camp runway show. Can Raksha pull it all together and prove that she can be a fashion queen, or is she destined to be a science geek forever?

Welcome to the Science Squad, a citizen science organization for curious kids who love nature and science! Follow along as Squad members journal their efforts to make a difference in the world around them.

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