Hatchling Hero

Juvenile Fiction


Available: January 1, 2018 | ISBN 978-1-63163-161-0 | paperback | 192 pages | ISBN 978-1-63163-160-3 | hardcover | 5 in. x 7.5 in. | Worldwide | $7.99 US (trade paperback), $27.13 US (hardcover), $7.99 US (e-book)

Hatchling Hero: A Sea Turtle Defender's Journal

Science Squad series

by J. A. Watson; illustrated by Arpad Olbey

Clarita Rosita Santiago Romero hasn’t made many friends since moving to North Carolina last year. But that changes when she joins her local Science Squad and simultaneously gets sucked into a quest to defend a sea turtle and her eggs from poachers. But how much impact can a group of kids have on one sea turtle’s life?

Welcome to the Science Squad, a citizen science organization for curious kids who love nature and science! Follow along as Squad members journal their efforts to make a difference in the world around them.

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