daddy doin' work


Family & Relationships/ Parenting/ Fatherhood

Available: September 2, 2014 | ISBN 9781631630149 | paperback | 232 pages | 6 in. x 9 in. | World (translation, audiobook, media rights) | $16.99 US (trade paperback), $9.99 US (e-book)
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Daddy Doin' Work

Empowering Mothers to Evolve Fatherhood

by Doyin Richards

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What does it mean to be a father in today’s world? A lot more than just paying bills, that’s for sure. This honest and entertaining look at fatherhood helps new mothers understand what’s going through new fathers’ heads, and confront problems before they start.

Doyin Richards’ Daddy Doin’ Work: Empowering Mothers to Evolve Fatherhood answers questions about fatherhood that many women want to know, and does so in a no-nonsense and entertaining style that ladies will enjoy. Similar to how Steve Harvey’s best-selling title Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man empowers women to make smart relationship decisions by entering the minds of men, Daddy Doin’ Work empowers new mothers to enter the minds of new dads to change the perception of what should be expected from a modern father. Readers will be exposed to the manipulative secrets of deadbeat dads, moms will learn practical tips to help hard working dads understand that being a father encompasses more than paying the bills, and women in relationships with amazing dads will learn methods to ensure their men stay on-track while inspiring more fathers to be just like them. Most importantly, women will be forced to take a long look in the mirror to determine if they are part of the solution or part of the problem in shaping the behavior of modern fathers.


“Thanks for setting the bar so high. Now when we can’t do something, our wives will go, well Doyin does it!” —Carson Daly, live on the Today Show

“This is a down to earth, straight- shooting and humorous depiction of what fatherhood often is as well as what it could and should be!” —Alan Blankstein, award-winning author of Failure Is Not an Option

“I am many things in this life: son, brother, athlete, lover, fighter, actor, producer, writer,etc. But the first word I use to describe myself and the job I take most pride is the role of DAD. Doyin takes this role as seriously as I do and he writes in a very conversational and straightforward way that makes you feel like you're sharing coffee with him, not reading his book. A must-read for all modern fathers.” —Dean Cain, actor, producer, and dad

“I wish every father could parent in the same modern and supportive way that Doyin does. His book is something every new and expecting dad could benefit from and every new mom will be eternally grateful for!” —Jill Smokler, scary mommy and New York Times best-selling author of Confessions of a Scary Mommy and Motherhood Comes Naturally (And Other Vicious Lies)

“Doyin created a really important book that talks about the ways in which men are evolving and changing in the 21st century. He masters the combination of being informative, casual, insightful and entertaining all while making you feel like you are sitting in a room having a conversation with him.” —Lisa Hickey, CEO of The Good Men Project