Songbyrd by Anna Silver
Songbyrd by Anna Silver
Amazing things start happening when you read a good book, and we'll fight dragons, battle ogres, and swim the deepest sea to find you that book (and the author who writes it). Because a good book is always worth every adventure.


by Anna Silver

Imagine one day you discover that everything you know about your past has been a lie, and the truth is as bizarre as it is powerful.

Anna Silver's Songbyrd does not fail to mesmerize readers with its reimagining of the age-old myth of the sirens. Three generations of women. One secret. And a haunted past. What can be more enthralling?

Innocence Byrd is not what she seems. Living on the road with her mother, who trades boyfriends the way other women swap out purses, all she's ever really wanted is a normal, stable life in one place. But Stonetop, a dusty small town in Texas, is not that place.

Innocence is plagued by nightmares of a terrible event in her past, and the ever-growing fear that whatever she and her mother have been running from will finally catch up. Secrets are bubbling to the surface, hers and her mother's. As Innocence becomes increasingly aware of her family's mysterious and sometimes frightening powers—and as her own powers begin to surface—Innocence has to decide whom to trust.

Or, as the real question becomes, figure out if anyone can trust her. Unable to elude their haunted past, three generations of Byrd women must not only unite, but embrace their birthright as a gift—and their key to a future of love and understanding.

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You'll find yourself laughing, crying, and hoping you're right there with Zander and Alexa as they maneuver their way on an adventure that can never be forgotten.

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Noteworthy Books

The Joey Parker Movement

The Joey Parker Movement

by Joey Parker

At just 25 years old, passionate journalist, cultural critic and social media pro Joey Parker is paving the way for a new generation. With his hugely successful debut, The Joey Parker Movement, Parker is proving to be a highly motivated journalist on the rise.

From the start, social media has been a catalyst to Parker’s career and a key to many of his successes. From his exclusive Robbie Rogers interview, to his one-on-one sit down interview with Joan Rivers, it all came from understanding the power of social media.

Through these experiences Parker began to maintain reputable relationships in Hollywood. From Denise Richards to Lisa Rinna, his personal contacts began to evolve. After Parker’s book debuted, a plethora of public figures spoke out, chiming in on his big accomplishment:

“A must-read for parents, young adults, and teens.” —Deepak Chopra

“I’m so impressed with Joey Parker. He’s definitely an inspiration to young adults to see this positive movement. He’s a humanitarian and wants to create positive energy and do good on to others. I did an interview with him for his blog and was pleasantly surprised by his approach. Often times there is a lot of negativity and with Joey he sees the good and the truth, which is rare. It’s delightful to see this very bright young adult be so incredibly passionate and to be this wonderful voice for many to look up to.” —Denise Richards

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by Jenniffer Wardell

For most princesses, a sleeping curse means a few inconvenient weeks unconscious and a happily-ever-after with their true love. Elena's curse, however, was designed without a cure, which means that she's getting a century-long nap for her 18th birthday whether she wants it or not. After years of study she's still no closer to finding a cure, even with the help of an undead godfather and an enchanted-mirror turned therapist. And with only a year until the deadline she's learned to accept her fate.

Sadly, there's one prince who doesn't seem to have gotten the memo and who’s continually trying to activate the curse so he can be the one to wake her up again. Only slightly less annoying is Cam, her new bodyguard and former childhood acquaintance who disagrees with Elena at pretty much every turn. When the curse threatens to come early, however, they both realize that fate is a lot more complicated than they'd ever imagined.

Set for a May 2016 release, Jenniffer Wardell’s Dreamless is a witty retelling of the age-old tale of Sleeping Beauty, which we believe you will find refreshing and unique. Author of Fairy Godmothers, Inc. and Beast Charming, whose books have been hailed by critics as both hilarious and clever, Wardell takes Dreamless to new heights in brilliant storytelling.

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