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Doyin Richards was born and raised in Western Massachusetts. His mother Laura is a retired X-Ray Technologist and his father, Femi Sr., is a retired professor who worked at the University of Massachusetts. They are happily married and have been for the past forty years. Currently Doyin lives in Los Angeles with his wife Mariko and their two young daughters, Emiko (two and a half years old) and Reiko (three months old).

He authors a popular and well-respected parenting blog and since creating the blog in June 2012, it has rapidly grown to over 25,000 Facebook followers with no signs of slowing down. His thoughts on evolving fatherhood were recently published in Canada’s Globe & Mail, on the ultra-popular parenting website Mamapedia, and on the websites of the most popular and influential parenting authors in America. Additionally, he has been asked to speak at conventions and large meetings in Los Angeles to spread his message of evolving fatherhood and empowering mothers to demand more from their spouses.

The author obtained his Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from one of the top Liberal Arts colleges in America (Union College in Schenectady, NY), has extensive modeling experience, appeared on national television numerous times, hosted his own television show for the CBS affiliate in New York, and proudly notes that the late literary icon Chinua Achebe was his Godfather.

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