The Brothers Washburn

berk and andy washburn
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A. L. Washburn and B. W. Washburn are licensed lawyers and full time writers, currently residing within twenty-five miles of one another north of Denver, Colorado. They grew up a few years apart in a large family, living in a small community, not far from Death Valley, and spent many happy days in their youth roaming the wastelands of the Mojave Desert. After living at different times in Argentina, each graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University and each went on to various graduate studies leading eventually to their individual Juris Doctorate degrees.

Throughout most their separate legal and business careers, they lived thousands of miles apart, working in different areas of the law and raising their own large families. In the normal course of events, each has authored numerous training and technical materials as well as legal articles, but it is their lifelong love of fiction, especially fantasy, science fiction and horror, that has brought them back together after many years of wandering in the wastelands of the law and that has driven the writing of a new young adult horror series.

The authors grew up in a family of avid readers and have never lost that feeling of excitement that comes with the discovery of a promising new story. Each maintains his own growing library of favorite stories, which span a wide range of authors and genres. Having traveled far, the authors find themselves coming back to the Mojave Desert, but now it is a desert with inter-dimensional links. In the end, each has found there yet remains untold wonders to be discovered in the unbounded realms of the imagination, especially as those realms unfold in the desert wastelands of the Dimensions in Death.

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Book(s) by the Authors
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